Shen Zhen Sea Food Restaurant in Portland, Oregon

Seafood Restaurant:

The address is 707 NE 82nd ave in Portland, Oregon. If you drive by fast you might miss it. The place has a genuine Cantonese Chef from Guangzhou, China. It has similar fare to what can be found at the flashy Wong King’s Seafood Restaurant over on Division. The fish tanks inside are not a pretty sight. I was impressed by the quality and taste of the table soy sauce which is an unfamiliar Chinese brand. The taste of the soy sauce used at a Chinese restaurant can determine the overall outcome of the food. This particular brand of mainland china soy sauce did not seem to be as salty as the kikoman staple brand of many restaurants and it seemed to have a better flavor. It is a wheat and soy based soy sauce just like the standard Jackman . Pearl River Bay (PRB) is the name of the soy sauce and very definitely recommended. I think better than Kim Lee from Hong Kong .
The restaurant has a long menu plus dishes printed on signs in Chinese you should ask about. They have northern Chinese style hot pots that were popular one night i was there. A hot pot could feed from 2-4 people for $19. I saw a lot of uneaten food wasted at several tables where this was ordered. It came in Seafood or Lamb if I heard what the waitress actually said since English is not one of the most attributes of this restaurant..

Sea Food

I probably give the restaurant a good B plus in terms of quality and an A in service. The decor does not mater if you are going to eat and ignore the fish tanks as best you can. The Tea is complementary and also a bit above average. This is not a Chinese American restaurant but a pure Chinese restaurant several different regional styles of food. The cooking oil used seems to be light and tasteless. Some of the other sea food Chinese restaurants use oils that are unacceptable to my pallet. The oil did not seem to be hard fat either when cooled as it seemed to stay liquid.

Adventurous diner:

One of the best things about the place is it is open till 12 pm for us ultra late night people. It is solidly authentic Chinese with only a few American adaptations. They also serve things on the menu you would find hard to find elsewhere including snails and pig rectum for the adventurous diner. (not me) The check came with fortune cookies which is an American Chinese tradition not a Chinese one.

The restaurant is in a free standing building with a separate bar on the other side that does not seem to want to share the parking so beware that if not going to the bar to park on the restaurant side of the building. It is easy to pass the place because it does not have a big easy to read sign on it. They can accommodate vegetarians and special orders on demand. The restaurant is also popular with a crowd that speaks Chinese. Recommended by the Lex (guide). Recommended for people who have automobiles to get there and back although a bus line does run on 82nd street.

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